Usage Hints

The Use and Care of BodySense Comfort Packs

Moist Heat Therapy

Heat any of the products (except the Eye Pillow) in a microwave for just a few minutes according to the heating table below. Then enjoy the penetrating moist heat and relaxing aromas for 30-45 minutes. Reheat the products as often as you like. When using the product hot, place the soft fleece side toward your skin. Caution: Persons with circulatory, sensory or neurological problems should consult their Health Care Practitioner prior to using this, or any other heated product. DO NOT OVERHEAT!


Suggested Heating Times

Larger products should be folded with the soft fleece side together, and smaller placed  with the soft fleece side down. It is best to take products with longer heating times out of the microwave half way through to shake and redistribute the rice. Do not place products directly on any racks or allow them to rest against the inside walls of the microwave while heating. Any plastic D-rings should not be tucked inside the product when heating. The FootEase should be heated one at a time with the sole facing up. When reheating, reduce the time if the product is still warm.

Cold Therapy

Chill products in the freezer in a zip lock freezer bag until they have reached the desired temperature. For cold therapy, have the fleece side away from your skin. The products will stay therapeutically cold for 20-25 minutes. 


Storage and Cleaning

Store product in a zip lock bag in the freezer. If you have previously heated a product, allow it to return to room temperature prior to placing it in the plastic bag.


The high quality fabric used in our products are resistant to most stains. Lint can be removed with a lint roller. If it becomes necessary to clean a product further, it is important not to saturate the rice inside it with water or any other liquid. Prior to cleaning a spot, move the rice away from the area. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Dab with a dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture before allowing the rice to move back to the area. Note: we also offer machine washable cotton covers for most of our products.

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