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Starting a business can be a pain in the neck, but BodySense came into being because of a pain in the neck!

Back in 1993, there weren't many natural alternatives for relieving nagging neck pain. Not wanting to become addicted to pain killers, and frustrated with the recommendations of friends and the treatment of professionals, Lucinda (the owner of BodySense) came up with an original idea. She took an old sock, filled it with some rice from her pantry, tied it up and put it in her microwave. After two minutes, she took it out and drapped it around her sore neck. Miracle of miracles, ten minutes later her pain was gone!

Looking around for a "real" product as effective as her sock, all she found were a few clumsy, low quality, "aromatherpy" sacks filled with a variety of healing herbs that simply didn't smell good!

And so it was that an idea was born — start a business making healing products for the body that made sense! BodySense, as it soon came to be called, had something in common with a lot businesses that are now well known as leaders in their industries: It originated with a simple idea and got started in a garage.

Lucinda and some friends got to work creating a line of aromatherapy products that: 1. were filled with healing herbs that smelled good, 2. produced a moist heat, 3. could be use hot or cold 4. would conform to the body, 5.delivered great results, 6. were high quality, and 7: that people would actually enjoy using. Soon every inch of the garage was filled with piles of colorful fabric, bags of rice and herbs, jars of spices, cutting boards and sewing machines. Packing and shipping had to move outside (when it wasn't raining)!

By 1995, BodySense had out-grown the garage and its production potential, and a sewing company was found in Seattle to take over production of our ever expanding product line.

Despite all the copy cat products that are in the market today, our sales continue to increase and our customer fan base continues to grow exponentially.  We met and exceeded all the product quality objectives we set out to achieve back in that garage 20 years ago, and today BodySense is the clear market leader and consumer's choice!



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