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This is a new web site for us, and we encourage you to let us know what you think about our products by writing a review. Leaving reviews on our old site was not an option, but people who have written reviews after buying our products on Amazon have had wonderful things to say! 95% of reviewers gave us "5 Stars" and here is what they had to say.

BodySense 5-Star Reviews on AmazonGreat product!, February 17, 2011

I have several different products from this company. They are amazing. The first one I purchased I have had for almost 12 years now and it is still in great condition. The only downfall is the bigger ones don't fit as well in my microwave so I have to take them out halfway through and move them around to make sure the entire thing heats well. But they are amazing! I got into a pretty severe car accident and they do wonders for my back and neck problems!! And now they come with covers that you can wash! I LOVE that!


Excellent Herbal Pack, October 2, 2011

I purchased this for my grandmother who has severe back pain. We warmed it in the microwave for 5 minutes and as soon as she used it she breathed a sigh of relief. Excellent for therapeutic pain relief.


NeckEase is a miracle device, November 21, 2010

For many years this amazing invention has been a lifesaver for me. When my neck, or any other area, starts to cause me problems, I grab my NeckEase, put it into the microwave, and within minutes I'm on the way to feeling much better. I don't remember how many years I've had it, so that in itself tells that it's been quite a few. Even if my neck is not misbehaving, sometimes it's just comforting to have the warmth of it on dreary winter days. A wonderful product, I highly recommend it.


LOVE this BodySense Sinus Pillow and the NeckEase TOO!, December 16, 2011

I purchased the Large NeckEase by BodySense for my husband and the Sinus Pillow for myself and let me tell you, I can only say I wish I'd gotten them sooner! We both go to the Chiropractor and have the Mediflow Waterbased pillows, but the addition of these 2 items was a great investment. We both suffer from neck and back pain and arthritis so we have tried many different things to help ease our pain and discomfort.


I've used the Sinus Pillow twice now. We live in West TN and this time of year we can have some crazy weather, which wreaks havoc on my sinuses, causing me lots of sinus pain and pressure and some pretty strong and painful, pounding headaches. I just heat my Sinus Pillow in the micro for the recommended time, lay down and place it over my eyes and nose and once again, it's not long until I'm fast asleep. Now, I'm not going to say it took my headache away completely each time, but it sure does relieve the sinus pressure and greatly reduces the pounding pain in my head so that I can relax and fall asleep quite easily. The various scents given off from each pillow is wonderful and very soothing.


My husband has used the NeckEase several times already and I used it the other night...heated it in the micro, wrapped it around my neck and climbed into bed for the night. Before I knew it I was fast asleep!


I would recommend both of these products and look forward to using them for years. And after reading the reviews of the BodySense Large Pack and Extra Large Pack I am putting those on my wishlist for purchase of one or both in the very near future!


Excellent and great value.  February 7, 2010

The large muff is a great product for someone with circulation problems. Holds the heat for hours.


BodySense 5-Star Reviews from AmazonGreat Heating and Cooling Pack, August 31, 2008

We bought one of these about ten years ago from a different mail order company. We are totally pleased with this product. Zap it in the microwave for a minute and the warmth stays around like they claim. Or put it in the freezer and have a cold pack that works great.


BodySense 5-Star Reviews on AmazonA fabulous product, February 2, 2011

The large NeckEase is a fabulous product! It holds the heat as advertised and hugs the neck and shoulders comfortably. I would definitely recommend this product.


Excellent for headaches, January 3, 2010

I have used this Eye Pillow for years, as a matter of fact I bought two so I can always have one ready. I keep it in the freezer and use it to provide comfort at night. Every night, I get in bed and then ask my husband to "go get the thing". I also use when I get migraines. Don't get me wrong, this won't cure a true migraine - likely need some real medicine - but it provides a great deal of comfort while I am waiting for the drugs to work. It is just the right weight to provide some relief when placed over eyes. I highly recommend this product.


Love, love, love, August 10, 2011

My husband got this moist heat pack (extra large) for me a year ago. I have Raynaud's syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it has really helped with the freezing feet and stiff joints. It smells yummy, too.



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